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The establishment of Laboratory for Maritime Transport (LMT) was officially approved by the NTUA Senate in May 2006. Until then, and since 1989, LMT functioned as a research and educational unit within the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineeering (NAME), known as ‘NTUA Maritime Transport’. LMT holds a long-standing experience in the design, development and simulation of maritime and intermodal transport, marine environmental protection, safety analysis and human elements. Following Greece's rich maritime tradition, LMT is active in practically all areas of maritime transport R&D, having completed or being involved in projects in areas such as technology, management, economics, logistics, telematics, human aspects, environment, and safety. It has also been involved in projects and studies with a substantial policy analysis element. Linking R&D with education, LMT is also fully active in the School's undergraduate and post-graduate educational programs.

Research activities of LMT have focused on the design, development and evaluation of maritime transport networks, procedures and functions that cover numerous aspects of maritime transport using modern and advanced methodologies, the design and analysis of marine environment systems, and the cost-benefit evaluation and optimization of maritime and intermodal networks. LMT supports a new approach concerning the strategic analysis of marine oil pollution. LMT has carried out a systematic effort to develop skills and know-how in the design and evaluation of recorded problems of marine safety aspects (e.g. accident databases etc.). The development of relative databases, the formulation of innovative analytical approaches (e.g. statistic, data mining, strategic etc.) and the configuration of corresponding electronic networks (for information transferring and elaboration) have always been a direct priority of LMT. 

Lloyds List award             Looyds 2010 award

2010 Lloyds List Greek Shipping award for "Achievement in Safety or Environmental Protection"
2008 Lloyds List Greek Shipping "Piraeus International Centre" Award