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Concerted Action on Shortsea Shipping

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SSS-CA Public Reports

Public Final Report Vol 1: Executive Summary
Public Final Report Vol 2: State of the Art Study, Part I
Public Final Report Vol 3: State of the Art Study, Part II
Public Final Report Vol 4: Pilot Projects
Public Final Report Vol 5: Statistics*
Public Final Report Vol 6: Advanced Technologies
Public Final Report Vol 7: Project Monitoring Results

*As the size of this file surpases that of the CD-ROM distribution it is recommended
you download the SSS-CA Public CD-ROM which includes this and all other reports.

SSS-CA Meeting Minutes

Plenary Meetings

4 June, 1996 in Brussels
22 June, 1996 in Bergen, Norway
8 November, 1996 in Brussels
27 January, 1997 in Brussels
14 June, 1997 in Athens
3 December, 1997 in Brussels
7 April, 1998 in Brussels
8 June, 1998 in Lisbon
9 December, 1998 in Brussels
20 May, 1999 in Kavala, Greece
16 September, 1999 in Gothenburg, Sweden
Final Workshop: 30-31 March 2000 in Brussels

Statistics Group Meetings

8 December, 1998 in Brussels
3 March, 1999 in Brussels
22 April, 1999 in Brussels
16 September, 1999 in Gothenburg, Sweden

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