Advanced Technology to Optimize Manpower Onboard Ships IV

The ATOMOS IV project main objective was to bring the benefits of advanced computer and control technology to the European Fleet in the fastest and most cost-effective manner possible. Since the EU Fleet was not at the time being actively renewed, technology introduction through new building was slow. However, whilst most ship equipment has a long operational life, control systems based on computers in general become outdated within a few years of installation. If a reliable process for replacing this technology with new systems is made available the effectiveness and safety of a vessel could be enhanced several times during its operational life. Therefore, the development of a methodology for retrofit of the European Fleet was the primary goal of ATOMOS IV. Achieving retrofit of modern control systems to existing ships would provide the following benefits:
•    Improved safety of operation;
•    Introduction of more human-centred and usable systems;
•    Access to information;
•    Faster and more reliable operation.

In addition, through a full-scale demonstration retrofit and sea trials, the project applied and validated processes and tools related to the successful implementation of control system retrofit:

•    Human-centred development process for ship control centres and interfaces;
•    Risk-based development applying safety assessment techniques;
•    Principles-based assessment for programmable systems.

The role of the Laboratory for Maritime Transport, NTUA in the ATOMOS IV project was mainly the formulation and definition of the cost effectiveness of the proposed integrated bridge.
The consortium of ATOMOS IV comprised the following members:
Force Technology (Coordinator)    (DEN)
Swedish Maritime Administration    (S)
Aalborg University    (DEN)
Logimatic A/S        (DEN)
D’Appolonia SpA    (IT)
National Technical University of Athens    (GR)
STN Marine Electronics Gmbh    (D)
Lloyd's Register of Shipping    (UK)
Lyngsø Marine A/S    (DEN)
TNO Human Factors Research Center    (NL)
Fachhochschule Hamburg    (D)

The URL address of the official ATOMOS IV web site is:
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