POLLUTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL - Safe Transportation of Hazardous Goods by Tankers 

The POP&C project addressed the issue of oil pollution by focusing on prevention and mitigation, in ship design and operation, for existing and new vessels. Specific objectives included:
•        The development of a risk-based methodology to measure the oil spill potential of tankers;
•        The development of a risk-based passive pollution prevention methodology (design and operational lines of defence);
•        The development of a risk-based active post-accident pollution mitigation and control framework. 
The objectives were achieved through the identification and ranking of critical hazards such as collision and grounding, fire and explosion and structural failure, which lead to estimates of probability of capsizing/sinking from loss of stability or structural failure. These probability estimates, combined with estimates of consequences within a risk-based framework, provided a quantitative assessment of the risk of oil pollution. A risk reduction framework through preventive measures and post-accident mitigation and control measures such as decision support tools, human-machine interface, and safe refuge was also developed. 

POP&C was managed on behalf of NTUA by the Ship Design Laboratory in cooperation with the Area of Maritime Transport. POP&C was a FP6 project funded by EU DG-RESEARCH. Project’s duration was 36 months (2004 – 2007). 

Apart from NTUA other project partners were: 
•        INTERTANKO, International Tanker Owners (International)
•        NAME – SSRC, Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde,The Ship Stability Research Centre (UK)
•        Bureau Veritas (France)
•        SIREHNA (France)
•        Lloyd’s Register (UK)
•        CMT, Centre of Maritime Technologies (Germany)
•        Navantia (Italy)
•        MSR, Maritime Simulations Rotterdam b.v. (The Netherlands)
•        STOCZNIA GDYNIA S.A. (Poland)
•        SSPA Sweden AB (Sweden)
•        ITU, Istanbul Technical University (Turkey)
•        HSSE, Herbert Software Solutions - Europe (UK)
•        OSG Shipping (UK)
•        UNEW, University of Newcastle, School of Marine Science and Technology (UK)

External partner: IMO International Maritime Organization Secretariat (International) 

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