European Framework for Safe, Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly Ship Operations

FLAGSHIP is a part EU – funded project which aims to reduce the risks to life, the environment and vessels from waterborne transport while enhancing the competitiveness of European maritime transport.

FLAGSHIP is focusing on onboard and onshore inspection, maintenance and operation support systems, to shorten the time required to identify and prioritize equipment or elements that need maintenance or repair. Technical condition monitoring, life cycle use of electronic documentation and electronic exchange of equipment and ship information with equipment manufacturers, repair yards and post-repair inspection authorities, is also part of the project.

The systems under development will have a modular architecture and fit in integrated bridges with a generic core that is applicable to a range of vessel types. Testing and validation will be included for three different vessel categories. The developed tools include:

         Decision support tools for on-board operations in routine and emergency situations;

         Automatic notification and transfer of updated rules and regulations;

         On-line link between ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore for better management of accidents and e-learning;

       Remote diagnostics and maintenance systems for on-line crew support enhanced by continuously updating safety and environmental indicators for the ship in question;

         Cargo operation and handling, including real-time scheduling; and

          Monitoring systems for real-time assessment of structures and components including environmental surveillance.

Project Coordinator:             ECSA European Community Shipowners' Associations


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