Promotion of Short Sea Shipping and Inland Waterway Transport 

Transport on road is increasing permanently. Bottlenecks in traffic and the pollution of the environment will become one of the most extreme problems within the next few years. This fact produces the need for activities in two directions: the direction of the volume of traffic and the shift of transports from road to rail and water.
PROSIT   aimed at the shift of transports from road to short sea and inland waterway shipping. Short sea and inland waterway transports are not sufficiently accepted by shippers and forwarders located in the hinterland, even if the price for transportation is much more lower than regarding other modes. Shippers have a lack of information on short termed possibilities for intermodal transports including the waterborne mode. And they miss the easy handling and knowledge on the actual status of their cargo during the transport in comparison to the unbreaked transport on road.

PROSIT  demonstrated the use of modern telematics in order:
· to support an "intermodal brokerage" for linking and tuning the demand and supply side in transport including short sea            shipping and inland waterway transport.
· to focus on organisational aspects in order to improve the quality and reliability of short sea shipping/inland waterway        transport and its intergration into intermodal transport chains.
· to establish an after sales service for monitoring the transport, reporting deviations, activating fallback solutions.
· to guarantee the quality and reliability required for the acceptance of short sea shipping and inland waterway transport.

Thus demonstrations were established and performed in various scenarios in Europe.

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Lappeenranta Port of Mustola, Lappeenranta, Finland
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Institut of Shipping Economics and Logistics, Bremen, Germany
Gesellschaft für Logistische Systeme LS GmbH, Syke, Germany
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