Improving Quality of Maritime Operations through Modelling Business Processes in Shipping The purpose of MARQUAL was to better understand, document, and communicate how the modelling of business processes in the maritime sector may contribute to adapting such operations to meet the requirements from users of waterborne transport in door-to-door transport chains and, at the same time, make them profitable ventures for the operators and for the society. In particular, good quality operations were examined to demonstrate best practice. Moreover, MARQUAL was aiming to demonstrate to maritime operators that there was room for improvement in quality of service with perceived environmental benefits. NTUA Maritime Transport examined and contributed (mainly) in the modelling of business processes of shipping lines in Greece, and in the verification, and dissemination of project results. 
MARQUAL was an extension of ADVANCES, a Thematic Network launched by DG TREN (Energy and Transport) aiming to establish a better understanding, among all shipping end users and stakeholders, on how to obtain what is needed in order to improve the competitiveness and overall quality of EU short and deep sea shipping. MARQUAL duration was 14 months and the funding came from EU DG-TREN (Energy & Transport).

British Maritime Technology
Institute for Shipping Economic and Logisitcs
Norsk Marinteknisk Forskningsinstitutt
Sarlis Container Services
Sloman-Neptun Schiffarts-AG
Stora Enso Oyj

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