Technological and Human Aspects  of Maritime Efficiency and Safety 

THAMES has been a one-year project within DGVII's APAS programme. It spanned the period December 1994-December 1995. The THAMES Consortium consisted of the partners of two EURET consortia: ATOMOS and MASIS. Collectively, 21 partners have been involved, of which DSB and NTUA (from ATOMOS), and Cetena and ISL Bremen (from MASIS) have been the main contractors (DSB consortium leader).

The main purpose of THAMES has been to synthesize the results of the ATOMOS and MASIS projects as regards the impact of human elements on efficiency and safety. As a result, a broad variety of topics for further research in this area have been identified. These topics would be included in the Commission's future waterborne transport research plans. 
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