Neorion II - Promotion of Competitiveness and Safeguard of Employment in Shipbuilding Industry 

This project represented a very ambitious effort for securing and strengthening the employment inside the Shipbuilding and Repairing Industries. It was developed within the framework of European Commission’s EQUAL initiative of the European Social Fund. NTUA Maritime Transport contributed into three different tasks of EQUAL:  The design (specifications and development) of a Network system for the direct connection among the suppliers and the two shipyards of NEORION and ELEFSIS.
The study on the way of distributing several tasks to research and scientific centers in Greece and abroad with the broadening of infrastructure development for a network collaboration basis between the companies and their clients and suppliers. The participation to the forum concerning the working relations and the promotion plan of the shipbuilding industry. Project duration was 24 months and  funding was provided by the Greek Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

The project duration was 24 months and direct funding came from the Greek Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Except for NTUA LMT the remaining of the EQUAL partners were:

  • NEORION Shipyards
  • ELEFSINA Shipyards
  • University of the Aegean
  • University of Patras
  • Union of Greek Shipyards
  • Labour Society of Shipyards
  • Labour Society of Elefsina Shipyards
  • Labour Centre of Cyclades
  • Region of S. Aegean
  • Institute of Labour Studies
  • e-Hellas
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