The European Virtual Maritime Institute 

The marine industry faces an ever-increasing globalization and “virtualization”. The aim of this project was to address the urgent for a European Maritime Institute that would:
•    support the rapid and efficient delivery of innovative tools and solutions that could equip the European Maritime Sector with necessary know how in order to meet the challenges of new century shippig;
•    provide the long term focus for business decisions and technology identification;
•  provide the necessary tools and methodologies for describing the expected operational environment for maritime technology;
•    derive the demand for novel techniques and new technology solutions built on specific future scenarios;
•    provide a formal, legal and management structure that could be used as a model for other virtual enterprises;
•    be an enterprise operating on terms similar to traditional institutes at the end of the project period. 
The complexity of the problems addressed by the European Maritime Virtual Institute was such that a holistic approach was required. Cost savings, efficiency and competitiveness were key factors for success for today's European Maritime Sector industries, and the development and deployment of new research-generated techniques and technologically innovative products were able to achieve certain added value by addressing tomorrow's business challenges today.
Moreover, such operational processes could be further supported and reinforced by addressing in parallel the physical, ideological or legal barriers currently standing in the way of rapid deployment of many efficiency-boosting solutions. 

Theme mechanism

Theme mechanisms - A Strategic Vision and supporting mechanisms

Except for NTUA-LMT, the remaing EVIMAR partners were:

    FORCE - Danish Maritime Institute DK (Coordinator)
    British Maritime Technology Ltd UK
    Forschungszentrum des Deutschen Schiffbaus D
    Institut de Recherches de la Construction Navale F
    Landwell DK
    Marin NL
    Marintek NO
    Maritime Development Center of Europe DK
    Sjoefartens Analys Institut S
    Scenario Management International AG D
    SSPA Sweden AB S
    VTT Manufacturing Technology FIN
    National Technical University of Athens GR
    Instituto Superior Tecnico P
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