Ship Life Cycle Software Solutions

SHIPLYS is a H2020 project that will provide a software platform enabling various developed applications to be integrated. The applications will allow rapid design and production simulation, life cycle cost analysis, risk assessment and environmental impact assessment to be carried out particularly for use in the early design stage of ship. Therefore, SHIPLYS can be specified as necessary by an architect, shipbuilder and shipowner, who, in order to survive in the world market, need to improve their capability to reduce the cycle time and costs of design and production, to be able to reliably produce better ship concepts through virtual prototyping and to meet the increasing requirements for LCCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis), environmental assessments, risk assessments and end-of-life considerations as differentiators.

Its main objectives are:
1. Development of rapid virtual design and production simulation that incorporates life cycle cost analysis, environmental and risk assessment criteria for use in early ship design stage.
2. Development of multi-criterion decision analysis (MCDA) techniques to support decision making across the short and long term, based on explicit user-defined decision criteria.

The challenges phased comprise:
1. The absence of an industry-specific lifecycle modelling technique and a lack of information to support reliable and cost-effective decision-making during ship early design stage.
2. Consolidation of data between incompatible tools and formats for different design stage.

Project Benefits are:
1. Enabling shipyards to conduct early design assessments regarding scope and costs of new build ships or repair/retrofitting activities.
2. Supporting design and production optimisations based on user defined criteria.
3. Enabling assessments of risk and environmental sustainability involved from a through life perspective.
4. Enabling life cycle costs assessments based on early design stage data.

Starting date is: 01/09/2016, Duration: 36 months The maximum grant amount is: EUR 6,144,150.00

The SHIPLYS consortium comprises of 12 participants from 7 countries who bring together a mix of stakeholder organisations and corresponding expertise. The participants include shipyards, a classification society, research institutes and industrial organisations that develop and provide technologies used in structural design and production. The consortium consists of the following:

  • TWI Ltd (UK)
  • Atlantec Enterprise Solutions GmbH (Germany)
  • University of Strathclyde (UK)
  • Astilleros de Sandander SA (Spain)
  • National Technical University of Athens NTUA (Greece)
  • Instituto Superior Tecnico (Portugal)
  • Varna Maritime Limited (Bulgaria)
  • Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd (UK)
  • Alveus L.L.C (Croatia)
  • BMT Group Ltd (UK)
  • Lloyd’s Register EMEA IPS (UK)

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