Project acronym: CENTAVROS
Project title: Upgrade of green energy potential and windward breakwater at the Port of Volos
Program: European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)
Project Duration: 01/11/2022 – 31/12/2024 (26 motnhs)
Budget: €1.900.000,00 (85% EU funding)

  • Volos Port Authority S.A. (VPA)
  • Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A. (HEDNO)
  • Hydrus Engineering S.A. (HYDRUS)
  • National Technical University of Athens – Laboratory for Maritime Transport (NTUA)
  • Global Transport and Engineering Systems Ltd (GATES)
  • ROGAN Associates S.A. (ROGAN)

  • Project objectives CENTAVROS Project aims to provide the necessary studies and final engineering designs for the port of Volos:
  • For the development of the infrastructure and facilities that will enable shore-side electricity (SSE) for vessels berthed at the port;
  • for the installation of a wave-energy generation system that will contribute to the increased power SSE needs;
  • for the safety upgrade of the port’s windward breakwater to safeguard vessels from extreme wave and wind conditions in the basin and facilitate access to the port.

  • Project Outputs Overall, CENTAVROS Project is expected to transform Volos Port into a port of the future:
  • through the adoption of modern technologies and practices ensuring quality of infrastructure and services;
  • through the upgrade and optimization of the port’s energy network, which will significantly improve its environmental performance;
  • leading to energy efficiency of harbour activities, environmental viability, safety and economic development.

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